Does Software as a Service (SaaS) work for my regulatory software implementation?

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Recently, we were in a sales cycle for a regulatory software evaluation and received an interesting comment from the Managing Director of a medium sized approx. 100-employee originator pharmaceutical company. He said, „SaaS does not work for us, we prefer to have the software installed in house“.

But his evaluation team liked the concept of SaaS and started a lively debate on the pros and cons (of SaaS).

They then agreed to conduct a technical workshop to analyse the requirements for a secure, safe, compliant, reliable, high-performance regulatory application, and to select an appropriate deployment model based on the results of the workshop.

The customer’s team came up with the following four deployment models:Cunesoft Deployment options

The technical deployment analysis workshop had a remarkable outcome:

  • The customer’s evaluation team gained a common understanding on the terminology (i.e. “cloud” was not perceived as “cloud” anymore)
  • Due to the clear-cut assessment of the different deployment models (above) the team was able to make decisions based on their objective requirements rather than on best guesses

The evaluation team came concluded that on-premise, dedicated hosting as well as Private SaaS would work for their new regulated environment. Only a Shared SaaS deployment option was excluded. Eventually, the Managing Director agreed with the conclusions.

Give us a call and we can share with you which deployment option was chosen in the end, and why it was chosen.

Rainer Schwarz

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Cunesoft CEO - He has over 15 years of experience with compliant software solutions for regulated processes. He worked in senior management positions at CDC Solutions, Liquent and NextDocs. He has a master degree of Social Sciences from the University of Innsbruck and Hong Kong University

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